ACCEPT your Truth!

Did you know there are riches buried in what you consider your pile of “junk”?  One of the main reasons we as humans are unable to be effective disciples for the Kingdom is because we are struggling with Accepting our Truth…!  We are brought out of our trials & tribulations by the grace and mercy of God for his glory, yet we are still mentally trapped in our mistakes and mishaps.  So entangled in our sins that we are unable to be effective disciples.


The World teaches us to shun and be shameful of what we’ve been through; forgetting that freedom is available to us!  Granted, we shouldn’t gloat in our faults, we in turn should not be ashamed of our journey!  I guarantee you, there is someone in this World that is struggling with the same addiction, same guilt and the same sin as the one that you’ve so graciously been delivered from; and they are in need of YOUR help!


Here are a few steps to consider when making the decision to Accept Your Truth…and remember, tomorrow isn’t promised, don’t miss an opportunity to tell your story for his glory!

  1. Accept Your Truth: Accept whatever the sin was within yourself. Forgive yourself, as God has already forgiven you.
  2. Understand that in order to have a testimony you have to go through the test!  Learn from your mistakes and journal through the process. That way you can look back over your journal entries to see how you’ve improved and how you can do better.
  3. Allow yourself time to heal.  Seek out professional help if need be and take time away to allow your wounds to heal.
  4. Share your story! Allow yourself to be transparent, but remember, you can only do this AFTER you have allowed yourself to heal.
  5. Walk in your authority! Don’t carry your story on your back as a burden, but tell your story with the hopes of it changing lives.  Remember, the main objective is for us all to experience Kingdom living here on Earth.  Help others to come to a place of self-forgiveness and through that they will receive their blessing!

We hope this blog helped someone to Accept their Truth, Speak their Truth & Walk in their Purpose with Authority!

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