Dear Ex-Over Thinker…Your Purpose Awaits!

As I sit here listening to all of my children’s exciting stories and over crowding my brain with all of the million plus one things I need to do this week, things I should have already done and things I know I should be doing right now, it almost makes me want to grab a Grande Caramel Brulee from Starbucks and simmer it all down to not doing anything at all. Simply hit a reset button and start fresh mentally.  It’s very easy for the awesome things in our lives, including our great ideas to become distractions and a bunch of cluttered ideas, producing nothing but a major headache and a confused state of mind. Considering I am a recovering over thinker, I have to be very aware of my follow-up actions after experiencing moments of “clutter brain”.  My normal routine was, overthink, overcrowd, shut down and do nothing. Producing nothing and getting absolutely no where! I realized, with the great call that God has over my life, there is no way I can walk in purpose following that method!


I am slowly remembering to give my brain the grace it so deserves. Taking time to pause, pray, breathe and write things down. Learning to be ok with doing one thing at a time. It’s hard, we want to do everything at one time because the way society is set up right now, new and now equals successful. Well…I will beg their pardon. I am learning daily that it’s ok to not get to everything at one time, that it’s ok to say no, even if it’s to those cute little munchkins that I call children. I’m reminding myself that what God has for me, it is for me and what matters most is that my mental is intact.

Below are a few tips to put in your back pocket for the ex-over thinker…

  1. Pause & Pray. Ask God for clarity and wisdom on how to organize your thoughts. God is not a God of confusion. Most likely, it’s the enemy trying to attack Gods purpose in you by cluttering your brain and scattering your thoughts.
  2. Write your ideas down. Under each idea, write your P.O.A. (plan of action).
  3. Take daily action but also take mental breaks. Sometimes when I’m focused on trying to get too much done at one time, I have to take a mental break. Listen to music, get some fresh air or take a walk.
  4. Celebrate your small victories.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, your dreams take time, so don’t get upset at yourself for your progress, instead celebrate each checked off goal.
  5. Trust that God has already gone before you to create the pathway to your finished goals. Don’t fall into the rat race, capping a time on your goals and Gods purpose for your life. Know that God has already seen the end before the beginning, and if he gave you the vision for it, he will see it through to the end.

As I take this daily walk through this journey myself, I encourage you to use these tips and journal about your progress. There are soo many creative ideas trapped in that beautiful mind of yours, but if you can’t narrow your focus enough to be active, the World will never get to see your full potential.  Rememer, your purpose awaits!

-Bianca Lynnette


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