All About Aspire Lyfe…

Aspire Lyfe Ministries was created to empower & connect Women to their purpose; cultivating lyfe long relationships and promoting every day “lyfe” experiences.

Our mission is to assist women and families that are transitioning from homelessness to transitional housing by assisting them with resources and providing them with enrichment workshops. We aim to tackle the matters concerning mental health through our enrichment workshops.


About Our Founder:


Bianca Lynnette, Author of “Speak Lyfe: 31 Days to a New You!” founded Aspire Lyfe Ministries in August 2016. “Aspire Lyfe is a place where women can come together and be transparent; allowing them to share their lyfe stories without being judged and to be empowered to turn lyfe’s pitfalls into purpose.”-Bianca






Our Why:

We’ve seen many organizations donate to those that are in need, but who is actually staying connected to them? That’s what separates Aspire Lyfe from other organizations. We connect & stay connected to the families we assist and offer them accountability to progress through their transition stage.

As we recognize the lack in everyday relationships/connections with women that are in transition, Bianca felt led to create a platform where women can not only speak their truth, but where they can find confidence in connecting with someone they can consider an accountability partner.

Here are some of our accountability key essentials:

  • Calling to follow up with your accountability partner
  • Scheduling hang out time with your accountability partner
  • Reporting any needs that exceed your ability (i.e. the need for food, shelter, resources etc.) to our Resource Department for further assistance
  • Simply enjoying and embracing lyfe together
  • Tackling mental illness and staying connected to avoid isolation/depression

Meet The Aspire Lyfe Team!

Our President  Keaonia Jamison




Our Fundraiser Coordinator Angela Wright
tiara car
Our Connections Coordinator Tiara Matthews



Our Secretary Tara Murray
Our Outreach Coordinator Jada Cummings